Meetings, Retreats, and Reunions

Golden Clouds villa in Jamaica is an idyllic setting to accomplish the goals of today's organizational incentive meetings and events. It is perfect for family reunions, a business workshop or incentive trip, private retreats or whatever you may need. Located on a private 6-acre property, it provides a secluded setting that is ideal to build a sense of community amongst all attendees. Golden Clouds can serve to provide motivation, reward, and to encourage growth and development. With warm Jamaican service in a beautiful setting, events at Golden Clouds are unforgettable. It is the perfect place to showcase appreciation and to inspire people to achieve even greater results.

Events that have been held at Golden Clouds in the past range from family reunions to yoga retreats to medical conferences. There are a large number of indoor and outdoor spaces that can be utilized for meetings, retreats and reunions. Menus and agendas can be customized to meet the needs of every group.