Wedding Locations

A perfect wedding starts with an ideal location. Depending on whether you want a garden wedding, lawn wedding, or beach wedding, Golden Clouds has wonderful options for the location of the wedding ceremony and reception.

Golden Clouds provides a “resort takeover” wedding experience, where you have exclusive use of the entire property during your stay. This ensures your group all the privacy you desire, and the freedom to have the wedding of your dreams without any concerns. If you are planning on having a reception with dancing and music late in the evening, you will need a villa that is large enough that the noise will not bother the neighbors. If your wedding plans include up to 100 guests, Golden Clouds is large enough to allow for a large group to gather in more than one location on the property (i.e. ceremony area, dining area, etc.) as well as being able to provide the necessary services (catering, parking, restrooms, etc.).

There are many beautiful places on the Golden Clouds Estate to have your Wedding Ceremony. Here are a few of the most popular spots:

The Gazebo

Located on the Main lawn amidst fragrant flowering foliage and Jamaican songbirds as your choir, and Heaven as your ceiling. Chairs can be provided around the Gazebo for your guests. The Bride and Groom along with the Minister are under the Gazebo. After the Ceremony a table is set up on the lawn for the Champagne Toast.

The Beach

Our most popular location for having the Wedding Ceremony is on the Beach. Some have done this in a formal way some casual. The idea of getting married on a beautiful white sand beach at sunset seems can be a wonderful way to celebrate your special moment. After the ceremony and photos on the Beach, all the guests go back to the Villa where the Champagne Toast is set up in the West Wing Patio.

The Front Terrace

Overlooking the Caribbean Sea at Sunset has always been very popular and picturesque location for the wedding ceremony. After the ceremony the Champagne Toast takes place in the West Wing Patio.

Musical accompaniment can be arranged for any of our wedding locations, ranging from single musicians such as guitar or keyboard to full bands with 3, 4, or 5 musicians.