Golden Clouds villa in Jamaica is legendary for its outstanding food service. Miss Blossom, head chef at the villa for over 20 years is famous for her delicious meals which range from traditional Jamaican dishes to the finest continental cuisine. Blossom’s culinary skills combined with the finest local ingredients results in wonderful dishes inspired by Jamaica's cultural influences. Menus can be customized to suit your needs and all inclusive packages are available. Examples of typical meals served at Golden Clouds are shown here.

Dinner is served in the main dining room which can accommodate up to 24 people. Depending on the weather, breakfast and lunch are served in either the dining room on the terrace overlooking the sea, or in the large gazebo with a view of the pool and the sea. Golden Clouds features a bar with seating and cocktail-hour service from our highly skilled and friendly bartender. Arrangements regarding alcohol requirements and any additional food services can be arranged in advance of your trip.

Breakfast includes fresh fruit, orange juice, cereals, toast or Johnny cakes (a Jamaican breakfast bun). There will be a main course selected in advance from the Golden Clouds menu with a choice of pancakes, french toast, omelette and breakfast meats. Lunch generally consists of salads, sandwiches, fish, jerk chicken, hamburgers or hot dogs.

Dinner is always an event at Golden Clouds. A beautiful table setting complements the extraordinary meals served by David, the butler, and meticulously prepared by Ms. Blossom. The candlelit dinner service consists of three courses and is served in the main dining room with a spectacular moonlight view of the sea and the hills of Oracabessa in the distance.

Guests have a couple of options when it comes to how to pay for their food and drinks. Guests may either choose the All Inclusive Package or they may pay for the groceries purchased at the end of their stay. Either way we will do all the shopping for you. If you decide on the Accommodation Only Package our chef, Ms Blossom, will provision the pantry with food for your first night’s meal and your first morning's breakfast. She will then sit down with you and put together a plan for the remainder of your stay asking you what kinds of things you enjoy eating and what kind of things you do not enjoy. You can plan each meal or put yourself in our chef's capable hands and let her surprise you. She will do all the shopping and work with you to satisfy any special cravings or dietary restrictions you may have.